Sunday, 12 January 2014

Craft Fair - Broadgate, Coventry

On Friday the 13th of December I was frantically drawing, cutting, baking, printing, and packaging away until late, preparing for my very first craft stall with my artist friend, Hayley Diehl. I always take deadlines right up to the end. I realise this post is quite overdue, but Christmas came around so quickly after that, and it was nice to take a few weeks off and not stress about my career.I'll start with the negatives, in that the weather could only have been made worse by precipitation. I believe this very day was the beginning of the horrendous weather conditions that the UK is still battling now, and it began with the strongest, most unanticipated gales that I've ever had the misfortune to spend eight hours exposed to. The other negative, was that the fair itself turned out to not really be our "thing". Indeed, maybe it was us that weren't really their thing.
My prints, Christmas cards and other bits
We were set up in Broadgate in Coventry, which is pretty much as central as you can get in the city. Unfortunately, we were one of only a handful of the total stalls actually selling crafty, arty-type things. Our particular table was positioned between a lovely lady selling haribo and other sweets to raise money for her daughter to travel, and a regular seller from the Coventry Market, selling incense, scented oils, stones, and other bought in goods. We felt a little bit lost, and with all due respect to the people of Coventry: those types that were in town shopping on a Saturday (Primark stage left, "fun fair" in the stalls, Wilkos in the back), were not in the market for illustrated artwork.

I'm beginning to sound very negative now, I realise, so on to the positive. In actual fact I feel like I had a very good day, considering the winds and the audience. A lot of our friends battled the elements and the Christmas rush to come and see us, most of them spending their hard earned pounds at our little stall. Even a few strangers, which clearly possessed impeccable taste and an empathy for local designers, made purchases. Every single sale warmed my heart, and made the late nights and money spent on supplies all worth it. If you were there and you bought anything, or even just stopped to chat or say "ooh, that's nice", then THANK YOU.

Next time I think we'll buck up the courage to try a fair where we'll be surrounded by other artists and crafty types. If you know of any in the Midlands area, even if they're not until next winter, do leave your two pence in the comments below. I'm really excited to try this again.

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