Friday, 4 October 2013

Across the Seine

A new travel drawing to share, working from my photographs from France. Paris itself has a pretty tight colour palette overall when it comes to architecture, with mainly sand and cream brickwork, and slate and blues for the roofs. That said, even though there is no pink or minty green in sight with this one, it is still lively. The blues in these photographs of my print are a little more vivid than life, but I have a terrible habit of using turquoise shades in my work that are difficult to replicate in print, and then again in photography. 

As pleased as I am with this illustration overall, I must admit that I did intend to hand paint it. I chickened out and used my usual digital method, but I still hope to paint the original linework. I want to do it in full colour, sky and all, to explore a more narrative style. Wish me luck, because I am awful and destructive with paints.

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