Saturday, 28 September 2013

Shrink Plastic Brooches

I'm totally on this blogging thing at the moment, aren't I?

Today I come bearing news about something a little different for me: brooches. I discovered shrink plastic earlier in the year, and since I was dying to expand my work into more than just art prints, it seemed like an easy, fun thing to try. Fast forward half a year, I'm still piddling around, deciding what should actually be on the things. I should probably have been more conscientious and designed a set that tied in with one another, but instead I just did the things I fancied drawing at the time. 

If you didn't know already, and I can't see why you should, I love storks. I quite like most long-legged birds really. They're so graceful and majestic in flight (the ones that can fly, at least), and really awkward and gangling on their feet. I love 'um. So that explains that. I'm probably going to pick up more on the long-legged avifauna in the coming months, so if you like them too, watch this space.

Next up, is the typewriter. I was inspired to do this one by a lady I was at uni with. I drew many a type-writer when working on my final major project (if you've ever seen my H.G.Wells prints, you'll understand why), and I do love a nice bit of retro. The hot air balloon with the ship is just a continuation of my most recent work, although I messed up varnishing it, hence the orange ran all over the shop. I don't know why but they all seem to sit nicely together when I look at them, even though they're nothing to do with one another. I suppose it's the orange running through them, but perhaps it's also that they're very me, and my style, which is a nice feeling.

I am selling these on a made-to-order basis. It makes more sense this way, seeing as they're individually hand-drawn, and I can never know how many of each I'm going to sell. For now, only the stork and the typewriter are available until I redo the hot air balloon, but keep your eye out on twitter or send me a message if you're interested in that one.

For now, do hop on over to my Etsy shop and have a look. Tell your friends!

Yours truly - I went to a DJ event that some friends put on, and thought my collar incomplete without the little fella

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