Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Branching Out

Today I created my first Etsy listing to not be an art print. You can now buy pocket mirrors of two different designs; Town Hall Square Tallinn, and Wolf #1. I've been wanting to introduce new items to my shop for ages, but before I go defacing fabric or chopping off fingers, I have decided to start small with these mirrors and perhaps some badges in the near future.

Not a lot more to say about that. If you want a bit of my work but are stingy/poor, then get yourself one of these instead!

Pocket mirrors put together by the awesome guys at Awesome Merchandise, designs by myself.


  1. Really dig this! Cool thing to put your art on, shame I don't have a use for a vanity mirror since I don't wear makeup (yet)

  2. These are gorgeous Catherine! :)