Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Occasionally I work with Reggie as a design assistant. (If you remember, I first interned with them on a t-shirt project back in 2010.) At the beginning of October, the creative director approached me about doing some illustration work on an ad campaign for specialist telephone technology company, Netcall. I can finally show you my work as the campaign went live yesterday. 

The concept was based around the heroic images used on wartime propaganda posters, using the tagline 'The Customer Experience Revolution' developed by Reggie. Below are the illustrations I produced, which were aimed at marketing the different services that Netcall provide. 

This is my first advertising commission, and I had to work out of my comfort zone in the dreaded Adobe Illustrator. The deadline was quite tight too, but the stress and challenge were a welcome deviation from the monotony of my day job, and the procrastination of my personal work. Receiving payment was a delight too, of course.

You can see the illustrations live on the Netcall website.


  1. I'm worried about what matey w/with the red tie may be looking at on his screen! Very interesting design btw.

    1. Haha! It could be anything! In the case of the ad however, he's painstakingly looking for data, because he doesn't have any neat software to help him do so.

  2. looks great! particularly like the last one and the guy on the computer.

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    1. Thanks, Harriet! & thanks for taking the time to comment, too. ;)