Monday, 23 July 2012

Etsy and Facebook

Just stopping by to let you folks know that I've just today launched my new shop, which is now on Etsy. Previously I was using Big Cartel, which served me well enough considering I hadn't, until recently, really had a go at 'spreading the word'. I decided to set up an Etsy shop simply because it's more interactive and is suited better to the ideas I have for my shop in the future.

I also made a Facebook page for my illustration, so if you're on Facebook, head on over and LIKE !


  1. Hi Cat, like the new website! Nice, clean and simple.
    Have you had any interest on Etsy yet? I had a little store on there a while back with my printed bits and bobs, but took it down as I seemed a bit dead. Though a few people did 'favorite' my pieces.

    1. Thanks, it's just from a template on Cargo Collective, but it's perfect for what I need it for. I loved my old website but could never be bothered to update it!

      No sales yet. I think you just have to stick at it and network like mad. I didn't get many sales in my old shop either really, but at least with Etsy, there's more chance of people seeing it.