Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Colour Wheels

Yesterday I felt inspired to do an illustration that has been on my mind since last autumn after our trip to Tallinn. It's such a beautiful place and I got so many wonderful pictures, but one of my favourites was of a few bikes chained up not far from our hotel. I knew exactly how I wanted this illustration to look even back in October. I envisioned it to eventually be a screen print, which I'm definitely going to produce at some point.

In other news, but also connected, I've finally started to use the Behance account that I set up. I know I definitely have too many online accounts for various blogs etc. and maybe I'll narrow it down one day, but for now they each serve a purpose for me, even if I find it difficult to juggle them all. If you have a Behance account, then do add/follow me because I've got no friends. Also, remember to 'appreciate' this illustration, if you even do!


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