Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mina Tindle

I did another illustration at the weekend for Amelia's Magazine, and now that the article has been published, I can share it with you. It's for an interview with Mina Tindle, whose music you should definitely check out because it's lovely!

Firstly, I'm stoked that I managed to complete two illustrations in one weekend, the first (Bill Murray) taking absolutely hours! Secondly, I'm really, really pleased with this Mina Tindle one. After thinking about what I least liked about my most recent work, I realised that I'm really only happy when my digitally finished work holds on to that hand-drawn aesthetic. For this illustration, instead of doing my usual thing of trying to 'clean up' my line work, I did nothing to my scanned drawing other than increasing the contrast slightly. You can see that all my sketchy pencil bits are still very much there; this makes me happy.

Doing two separate pieces of work in such a short space of time, I noticed more than usual a sort of established process that I work to. I enjoyed it incredibly, because as sporadic and experimental as my processes can be, deep down I love feeling organised.

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