Monday, 30 May 2011

Pattern Rally #1

Last week I took part in the floral pattern rally on Illustration Rally, which if I haven't mentioned before is a brilliant blog for inspiration and networking. I don't have much experience of either drawing flowers or creating repeated patterns, but I managed to get it to a point I was happy with it. Hope ya like it!

Submotion Orchestra

So I did another illustration for Amelia's Magazine, this time for a review of Submotion Orchestra. It's pretty simple but I'm mostly pleased with how it came out. I'm trying really hard to start adding confident colour to my work.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy Birthday Gary

It was my boyfriend's birthday on the 8th and so it was only natural that I make him a card. Unfortunately, upon typing said date into wikipedia in hope of finding some interesting trivia to aid the design, I found out the above.

I share it with you from a design point of view, in that I think I executed the type nicely. Other than that I should probably be given a prize for most inappropriate birthday card.

He did like it though.