Wednesday, 26 January 2011

La Môme Piaf - Available to Buy

'La Môme Piaf' 11" x 8.5"

Finally available to purchase in my Big Cartel shop.

That is all.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

365 Challenge

Hello! Second post in 24 hours, that must be a personal record or something.

I mentioned in my previous post about Reggie that I'm endeavouring to keep a bit more active on the creative front, to keep the ball rolling. One way I'm doing this is by taking part in a 365 challenge with a peer and friend from University, Kalie Stanton(Check her out! She also has a blogspot).

I update my tumblr almost every day these days, so I don't see why I shouldn't post the fruits of my labour on here aswell - at least the stuff I'm particularly pleased with. Anyway, if you have a tumblr then go ahead and follow us!


2/365 (note: wrote my own web address wrong!)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reggie T-Shirts

So, again, it's been a while. Just updating to let you guys know that the T-shirts DID go live, but I've been so busy plugging like mad on facebook and Tumblr that I completely forgot about my poor old "professional" blog. Apologies.

So, like I say, the t-shirts went live in December. I've had a few sales but it's proving very hard to get facebook friends (people I know in "real life") to put their hands in their pockets and purchase a shirt! There is a need to get this out to the wider world, so i need to become a social networking genius if I'm to make my fortune.

So, the shirts!

I went down to London to meet Paul and drop in on the shoot. Glad I went, 'cause it was good to feel like part of the process still (plus I got to pick up my own shirt, and well, I've never seen a fashion shoot before).

You should definitely BUY A T-SHIRT for yourself or someone you know, or else please do me the huge favour of passing this on. Blog about it, tweet about it, facebook status about it. It's the only way this project can work.

Last thing to add is that I'm trying to keep a bit more actively creative after a long break so there will be more regular updates on here.