Monday, 15 November 2010

And The Award Goes To..

Me. For the worst blogger in existence. Very sorry about the lack of updates or any interesting content at all for coughALMOSTFOURMONTHScough! I suppose I should tell you about my internship with Reggie and what else I've been up to.

The internship was FANTASTIC. Our team was based in a swanky little studio belonging to Protégé, on the Thames in Somerset House. Not only did it give me the opportunity to finally work in a professional environment on a real design job, it gave me the challenge of meeting and working with strangers, and living on my own in a strange city.

The job assigned to us was to create a set of design led t-shirts on the theme of what eventually became anti-celebrity; six interns, six designs. It proved quite difficult at first - trying to avoid cheesy caricatures or being completely offensive - but in the end we came out with a really strong set of images.

My final t-shirt design (yellow image on charcoal t-shirt)

Another of my finished artworks from the week

The Reggie website is currently receiving a complete overhaul to include the t-shirts which should be available by December. I'll be posting on here again when that time comes and I expect you all to purchase one! (otherwise us poor designers get no monies)

PS. The Team:

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