Friday, 11 June 2010

Drawgasmic & La Môme Piaf

Something exciting I came across just this week is Drawgasmic. It is basically an exhibition and book aiming to promote independant artists, illustrators and designers from across the globe. The exhibition is in July and the coffee table book will be released in conjunction with this.

I created a brand new print to submit for the occasion. I only managed to get it posted this afternoon though so I'm peeing myself just hoping it reaches Cranky Yellow by next Friday so it can be included in the event.

The piece just fell into place from some mindless doodling I've been doing this week. I've been listening to and thinking about Edith Piaf a lot and so my print is the outcome of that I guess!

Find it in my Big Cartel Shop soon.


  1. Can you PLEASE make another one? She's my idol!

  2. So sorry that I never responded to this. I've only just noticed that people have commented on some of my posts. I thought I was out here all alone!

    I did a run of about 10 and I have quite a few left if you want one :3