Friday, 14 May 2010

It's all taking longer than I had hoped

Ohhhhh, what a nightmare. I have had such a busy week, and yet because of one set back or another I feel like I have accomplished less than I should have.

I would have printed the shirts today because I re-made my 'Home' screen, but I had re-made it smaller thinking the original was too big. I was wrong. The screen was too small! So then I cleaned the screen and made another one, but I fear it's gone a bit dodgy and I may have to re-do it AGAIN. So, no apparel yet. I should be concentrating on my final project though so I will print the shirts after Monday.

On the final project front (which I haven't really recorded on the internet, mainly due to a late start and numerous stresses surrounding it), I have been spending late nights in the university computer studios trying to get everything sorted for hand-in on Monday. I've almost finished screen printing my final design for 1 of the book covers - the others, alas will have to remain digital because I just don't have time (or the screens - I'm printing 2 colour, A2).

I'll end this with a little peek at some very initial sketches. I'm not going to beat around the bush - somebody on my course poached my bicycle idea almost exactly. It is not coincidence. May the worm of conscience begnaw thy soul.

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